Coloring and Painting

Permanent hair dyes and quality


Finding the perfect hair colour

Finding the perfect hair colour is as important as a good hairstyle, they don’t exist without each other. With the support of L’Oreal Professional products we can choose from diverse and unique hair colours, anybody can find the colour that matches her/his own personality. The colour of the skin and the eye plays a big part in the choice. Taking these into consideration we help you choose the colour that expresses you the most.

Service prices

    • Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours
    • Price: from 12.100  HUF


Let it be natural effect or an extreme contrast you desire, we can transform you unique with the adequate highlighting technique with the support of PLATINUM product line. This product contains Nutricerides and white beeswax that allows us to protect your hair during the highlighting also. We help you with finding the best colour and highlighting technique that will complete your look.

Service prices

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Price: from 13.300 HUF


HAIRCHALK is the first hair make-up that enables you to give new colour to your hair such as you colour your nails or you put on a rouge. It is not a commitment as in average it lasts till two hair washes with shampoo depending on the quantity of the colour applied and the hair type. It does not leave any stain, is possible to shape and is water drop resistant. It does not alter the hair’s structure hence the touch of the hair remains natural. The eight exceptional tones gives You the opportunity to change your style as you wish: Sweet sixteen pink, First date violet, Blue ocean cruise, Garden party, Coral sunset, Bronze beach, Coffee break, Black tie.

Service prices

  • Duration: 10 minutes – 1 hour
  • Price: from 1.500 – 8.000

As people are all different

As people are all different, we give heed to customize everybody and the wide range of our hair colours supports this. We provide a total colouring service if we choose a new colour or if the colour is already not vivid enough. We provide root colouring service when we would like to cover the roots only, but we are still satisfied with the colour of the hair ends thus we don’t encumber unnecessarily the hair so that your hair stays to be stunningly healthy.

Tecni.ART finish products

Whatever colour you are dreaming about- let it be cool maroon, stunning blond or shiny red- we conjure a personalized hair colour to you, that is gorgeous, intense and unbelievably glorious. The texture of Inoa products reminds you to a luxurious grooming crème. The possible inconveniences of a hair colouring service, such as the irritation of the scalp minimizes moreover the product is totally scentless due to the ammonia-free composition. This oil-based hair colour grants the optimal protection of the hair by reaching the innermost parts of the hair, moreover it grants 100% grey hair coverage. Other interesting thing about the hair colour is that before rinse off the hair colour we do a “dry emulsification” when we dissolve the hair colour from the scalp with pleasant massage movements.

If you are dreaming about an absolute permanent, natural hair colour, the DiaRichesse, DiaLight colours are the appropriate choice. These are demi-permanent hair colours without ammonia, which have a PH close to the hair’s, so only dams the hair slightly; accordingly it is indulgent to the hair. It works with weaker developers comparing to the traditional hair colours therefore it can lighten the hair with maximum 1-1,5 tones. Thanks to the ammonia-free composition it can be a perfect choice to costumers with sensitive scalp too. Intense care for the perfect smoothness. Also it is an advantage that the service time decreases because the development time of the product is only 20 minutes.

The Majirel hair colour tone line provides an unlimited colour experience. The unique composition grants perfect results in vibrant, sparkling tones. Due to the special multi dimension elements of the increased colour durability system, the tones are highly durable.

The colour stimulating technique vivifies and brightens more the colour. Moreover it grants 100% gray coverage and natural appearance.