Manicure Pedicure

and Curative Pedicure

Mariann Beck, Manicure Pedicure and Curative Pedicure

The healthy and beautiful legs and nails are very important for all women and men. I have been always interested in nail treatment and all related topics and I was treating the nails of relatives and friends already when it was only a hobby. In 2004 when I have qualified myself, I realized my dreams. I can announce myself very lucky as my hobby has become my profession. The real challenge for me next to the traditional manicure is the curative pedicure. I am constantly developing myself in the field of new technologies so that I can provide the maximum to my clients and they leave the salon satisfied.

Prices of manicure services

  • Manicure + hand treatment: 2.600 HUF
  • Sellack+manicure: 5.500 HUF
  • Sellack removal: 1.500 HUF
  • Varnishing: 1.000 HUF
  • Stones/charms: 40 HUF/piece

Prices of pedicure services

  • Pedicure+machine pedicure: 4.900 HUF
  • Shellack+pedicure: 6.900 HUF
  • Curative pedicure: 5.500 HUF
  • Foot massage (30 minutes): 2500 HUF

Prices of manicure, nail extension services

  • Nail extension with gel: 5.900 HUF
  • Nail filling with gel: 5.600 HUF
  • Nail matrix extension: 500 HUF
  • Nail extension supplement: 600 HUF
  • Polishing, new sample, shine gel: 3.000 HUF
  • Nail extension removal: 2.500 HUF
  • Gel polish (on hands): 3.300 HUF
  • Gel polish (on legs): 3.000 HUF
  • Gel polish removal: 1.500 HUF
  • Classic manicure: 2.000 HUF
  • Japanese manicure: 2.600 HUF
  • Classic manicure + hand treatment: 2.600 HUF
  • Extra length: +20%
  • Stones/Charms: 40 HUF/db


It is suggested if someone’s skin is growing strongly on her/his nails. After modelling the nails and carefully pushing up the skin we’re soaking the finger ends. When the soaking time expires, the gentle removal of the mortified skin comes, than we remove the tougher skin from the nail corners with scissors. We finish the treatment with buffering or polishing.

In the aristocratic Japanese times it was a secret procedure. It brings back the natural pink light and beauty to the nails. Its secret is that we lock beeswax in the nail plate with the support of a special power. The agents are free of chemicals!

We suggest it: after artificial nail removal, for weak, fragmented nails and for those who doesn’t like to wear nail polish but prefers glossy, groomed nails.

The treatment is suggested every two weeks, thus the nails will become more and more glossy and healthy.

The colourful hybrid material is the result of a serious research and development work. It combines the durability of colourful gels with the easiness of nail polishing.

It is used on the client’s own nail instead of nail polish as a nail strengtheners coating. There are no damages, scratches as at the traditional nail polishes. It can also be applied on artificial nails.

It heals the weak, fragmented, not nice shaped nails, the short nail bed, if you are biting your nails or have no time on it. You don’t need to manicure and nail polish at home from now on! The artificial nail helps the bitted nails to recover in shape, grow longer and the cuticule becomes aesthetic.

We suggest this solution when the edges of your nails are not nice, your nails are too short or if you would like a non-growing, jelly French ends. With this technique we can provide you perfect nail beds.